How To Teach On Yaaka Digital Network

To teach (provide notes and or facilitate online classes) on Yaaka Online, you need:

1. To apply as instructor on Yaaka DN  whatsapp +256785955569 expressing interest.

2. Show evidence you are a certified teacher or licensed teacher as per laws of Uganda. Email your academic qualifications showing you are qualified to teach the subject and level, provide evidence of experience in teaching, specify the subjects you would like to teach, and when you want to start. In addition, you as a teacher should have a course(s) you wish to teach prepared digitally (available in word doc or ppt or pdf or mp3 or mp4). All content on yaaka and what you provide will be protected from abuse/thieves.

3. Take the Digital Pedagogy Course  on Yaaka DN(by Ultimate Multimedia Consult and Makerere University). You can get 100% discount by providing digital learning material for at least one complete course for one class subject e.g. primary five mathematics, senior three biology, Senior six Economics OR take our 80% discount offer (pay UGX 168,000). This is to ensure we are engaging with only serious members. The course material you provide will be put on yaaka owned by you. PLEASE read about the course and understand why you need it.

4. Upon completion of the Digital Pedagogy course, you can teach on Yaaka DN as independent teacher or a Yaaka DN teacher. Independent teachers can put up courses on recruit and charge any number of learners an amount you choose, which we share: You 60%, Yaaka DN and affiliates 40%. Yaaka DN teachers will be recruited by us on application and paid a retainer or salary to facilitate subjects of class(s) they are qualified and able in. Preference will be given to teachers who pass the Digital Pedagogy course and those who can recruit learners to the platform. Yaaka DN teachers who bring more than 100 learners will earn 10% of the 300,000UGX annual fees to be paid by the learner of a particular class.

5. Any teacher will also be able to earn money off the learners you bring to study on Yaaka  or our app via the affiliate system. With our multi-level Affiliate system, you earn 10% of paying learners you directly refer, 4% of learners brought your first level downlines (affiliates you bring), 3% on the second level, 2% on the 3rd level and 1% on the 3rd level.

6. While you can start the Digital Pedagogy course on self-pace right away, we shall start the online course facilitation of the qualifying teachers on Monday June 8th- -19th at 10am to 12pm weekdays.

7. We expect to roll out fully operational daily online classes as Yaaka DN with teachers for every class and subject by 1st July 2020.

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