MUTEESA I ROYAL UNIVERSITYmuteesa The establishment of Muteesa I Royal University (MRU) was a dual inspiration and motivation by Ssabasajja Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II and promoted by the Executive Committee of the Buganda Kingdom, headed by the Katikkiro. The basic preparatory work was carried out by the Buganda University Task Force (BUTF), which was inaugurated by Katikkiro of Buganda on 8th June 2004 and submitted its final report on 2nd December 2004.The BUTF’s report was followed up by the formation of MRU Implementation Committee, which was succeeded by the Interim University Council on 1st June 2005 to serve for one year, and subsequently a fully fledged University Council inaugurated by the Chancellor. The National Council for Higher Education on 5th April 2005 Licensed Muteesa I Royal University to operate as a private University. The University opened its doors to the public on 01-10-2007.The Buganda Monarch is responsible for the establishment of many various academic institutions.The University’s name is Muteesa I Royal University in recognition of a monarch of great vision, Kabaka Muteesa I of Buganda (1856-1884), whose invitation of Missionaries through a letter to Queen Victoria of England is generally regarded as the genesis of modern formal education in Uganda. Muteesa I Royal University main campus is located in Masaka town 120km west of Kampala. The second campus is located at Kakeeka-Mengo in Kampala city along Wakaliga road. The third Campus is Buwekula which is located in Mubende District FACULTIES Faculty of Business and Management Programs offered.

The faculty offers the following degree, diploma and certificate courses:-


  1.  Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

Degree Programs

  1.  Bachelor of Business Management
  2. Bachelor of Public Administration
  3. Bachelor of Public Relations
  4. Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management
  5. Bachelor of Commerce
  6. Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance
  7. Bachelor of Science in Development Economics
  8. Bachelor of Micro Finance Management
  9. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Management
  10. Bachelor of Business Computing
  11. Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  12. Bachelor of Science in Project Management

Diploma Programs

  1. Diploma in Business Management
  2. Diploma in Public Administration
  3. Diploma in Public Relations
  4. Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management
  5. Diploma in Accounting and Finance
  6. Diploma in Micro Finance Management
  7. Diploma in Business Computing
  8. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  9. Diploma in Project Management
  10. Diploma in Marketing Management
  11. Advanced certificate in Business

Certificate Program

Administration Diploma in Agri-Business Faculty of Social cultural and Development studies. Programmes offered.

The faculty offers the following degree, diploma and certificate courses:-

Degree Programmes

  1. Bachelor in Development Studies
  2. Bachelor in Social Work and Social Administration
  3. Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management
  4. Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication
  5. Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling

Diploma Programmes

  1.  Diploma in Development Studies
  2. Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management
  3. Diploma in Journalism
  4. Diploma in Guidance and Counseling

Certificate Programmes

  1. Certificate in Journalism
  2. Certificate in Guidance and Counseling

Faculty of Science and Technology.

Faculty of Education Programmes offered

 This faculty runs the following degree and diploma courses

Post graduate

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management with Education

Bachelors programs.

  1. Bachelor of Arts with Education
  2. Bachelor of Education (In-service)
  3. Bachelor of Business Education
  4. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship with Education
  5. Bachelor of Education with Art and Design
  6. Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  7. Bachelor of Computer Studies with Education
  8. Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Diploma programmes.

  1. Diploma Secondary Education
  2. Diploma In primary Education (In-service)
  3. Diploma Secondary Education. (Art and Design)

Student life.

There is number of recreation sports activities at Muteesa I Royal University, Like Inter Department Competition this normally takes place in match second semester and the following are the sport activities that are carried out

  •     Field Athletic
  •     Basket ball
  •     Cross country
  •     Volleyball
  •     Foot ball
  •     Rugby

The University is also involved in national sport competition and East African University Games