MAKERERE UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOLmubs (2)Makerere University Business School (MUBS) was established by Makerere University (Establishment of Constituent College) order 1997 as a constituent college of Makerere University (MUK). The School was created from a merger between the faculty of commerce (FOC) and the national college of business studies (NCBS). The merger involved the physical movement of the faculty of commerce from the Makerere Campus to Nakawa where the NCBS was located.

The actual merger and movement took place in January 1998. In the year 2000, the law was amended to give financial and administrative autonomy by the Makerere University (Establishment of constituent college) (Amendment) order (MUECCA (A) 2001. As a result of this amendment, the school structure changed tremendously.

The law created a council with authority similar to that of Makerere University Council. The year 2001, the structure of the school again changed with the enactment of the University and other tertiary institutions Act, which made the school transform from a constituent college of Makerere to a public tertiary institution affiliated to Makerere University. The school as per obligation is mandated it to organize and develop business and commercial training in the country at the different level.

The school conducts courses leading to the award of degree, diplomas and certificates by Makerere University under standards provided by the act and statutes and regulations made under the act or as may be agreed upon by the school and Makerere University and in connection with the awards, jointly conducts examinations leading to the awards, with Makarere University.

The School coordinates and supervises all Ugandan government funded colleges of commerce with an objective of developing curricula and achieving high standards of business education in such colleges. The School that is found in the heart of Nakawa, a Kampala Surburb brought life to the small town which has been steadily growing over the years. Nakawa is about four Kilometres from the city centre of Uganda’s capital and along the Kampala- Jinja highway.

The University Registrar

P. O. Box 1337, Kampala.
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el: 041-338140,
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Faculty of Commerce
The Faculty of Commerce is one of the faculties that pioneered the commencement of Makerere University Business School. The faculty offers training in both Business and Accounting programmes. The Faculty’s’ programmes are market driven and to the needs of the population.

Some of the programs offered include

The Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelors Degrees in Real Estate Finance Management, Business Economics, BSc in Accounting, and BSc in Finance; masters in Accounting and Finance Management, Masters in Banking and Investment.

These are courses that are specialized in a way, but again enrich those enrolled into them with a wider appreciation of the business spectrum.

The faculty has staff of about two hundred lecturers comprising of Professors and Doctors in the various fields who are well facilitated to give the best to the students and help them with the various options concerning their education. The Faculty of Commerce offers more Business courses than any other school in Uganda.

This can be a tremendous resource, but the large numbers of courses, across a huge range of topics and approaches also comes with its challenges. The programs of study offered give students a picture of how they can relate what they perceive in class to the real experiences in their varying fields.

Faculty Dean
P.O.Box 1337 Nakawa
Kampala Uganda

Faculty of Management and Public Policy
The Faculty is responsible for the development and dissemination of Basic management programmes and courses. It specifically develops and teaches programmes in areas of Management, Business Administration , Strategy , Entrepreneurship, Communication and Local Governance.

The Faculty of Management was set up in the Academic Year 1999-2000 and has four (4) departments therein: the Department of Entrepreneurship, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Leadership and Governance and the Department of Human Resource Management The faculty of management and public policy provides courses that prepare students for leadership in business management education and training. And that explains why the faculty is keen on rigorous research and publication. For it through such initiatives that the faculty hopes to sharpen the abilities of its students in business leadership.

Faculty Dean,
0414 338120

Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration
The faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration comprises two departments and which are basically the department of Entrepreneurship and the department of Business Administration.

The Department of Business Administration is currently the largest academic department in the Faculty but possibly in the university as well. The department is the major provider of innovative business and management education and research, with a firm commitment to enabling the future of its clients nationally, regionally and internationally.

The department houses the most popular programmes of the university like the Masters in Business Administration and the Bachelor in Business Administration Degree. The ultimate end of the of the entrepreneurship department is to be a leading provider of Entrepreneurship and Business Management education in the country.

Thus the department creates a supportive and innovative learning environment for its students which in turn strengthens their ability to engage in critical thinking and as a result get prepared to be the future leaders in entrepreneurship. But the broader objective of the department is to produce an all round graduate and entrepreneur who can succeed in enterprise development and business management.

Therefore, the entrepreneurship department seeks to excel in the production of entrepreneurship and business management knowledge and skills through teaching and research in order to enhance clients’ professionalism in the management of people, small business and other resources. The quality of the education offered in the department is reflected in the customer service and success of its students, alumni and staff.

Faculty of Computing and Management Science

The Faculty of Computing and Management Science seek to deliver first class and up to date knowledge and skills in ICT and management related fields to students, clients and staff so that they can comfortably compete on the global stage.

The Faculty of Computing includes disciplines from Business Computing, Procurement and Logistics Management as well as Management Sciences and it has three departments which include the Department of Business Computing, the Department of Management Science and Department of Procurement and Logistics

Contacts. +256-414-338195/120

Faculty of Marketing and Hospitality Management

Over the years, the Faculty of Marketing and Hospitality Management has established itself as the major trainer and churned out a number of highly skilled and professional graduates in the marketing and international business field and the leisure and hospitality industry, many of whom are providing unrivalled business leadership in their respective areas of expertise.

The faculty continually strives to produce world class students and to make a meaningful contribution to the career prospects of its clients. The Faculty of Marketing and Hospitality Management (FMHM) houses the Marketing, International Business, Travel and Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality and catering programmes of study.

These programmes are packaged and regularly reviewed so as to make them relevant to the dynamic demands of the ever changing world of employment. The Graduate and Research Centre The graduate programmes of the Business School were started with a view to encouraging research and publication in the School, and are now being administered in the Graduate and Research Centre (GRC) of the School. The centre acts as a hub in the promotion of knowledge development especially in the areas of business and management.

As a result the Centre has been central to the promotions of research in the University and in the areas of business and management at Graduate and Doctoral levels, Similarly the centre has over the years, adequately facilitated specialized research in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, business computing, human resource management, and management science.

Programmes available at Makerere University Business School


PhD Doctor of Philosophy Doctor of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration (Day and Evening)
Master of Arts in Economic Policy and Management
Master of Human Resource Management
Master of Science in Accounting and Finance
Master of Science in Marketing Executive
Master of Business Administration
Master of Banking and Investment Management
Master of Procurement and Supplies Management
Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
Master of Leadership and Governance
Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Master in International Business
Postgraduate Diploma in Information and Communication Technology and Regulation
Postgraduate Diploma in Micro Finance
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement
Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning
Postgraduate Diploma in E-commerce & Web design
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Computing

Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management
Bachelor of Business Computing
Bachelor of Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Leisure and Hospitality Management
Bachelor of International Business
Bachelor of Office and Information Management
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management
Bachelor of Business Statistics
Bachelor of Science Marketing
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Bachelor of Science Accounting
Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
Bachelor of Leadership and Governance
Bachelor of Science in Finance
Bachelor of Transport and Logistics Management
Bachelor of Real Estates Management
Bachelor of Business Administration (EXT)
Bachelor of Human Resource Management (EXT)
Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Mgt (EXT)

Diploma in Accounting & Finance
Diploma in Computer Science
Diploma in Transport & Logistics Management
Diploma in Office Management
Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Diploma in International Business
Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Small Bus Mgt
Diploma in Local Government Finance Mgt
Diploma in Secretarial Studies
Diploma in Local Government Administration Mgt
Diploma in Project Planning and Mgt
Diploma in Secretarial Studies (In –Service) (1Yr
Diploma in Recreation and Events Management
Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Mgt
Diploma in Customs Clearing & Forwarding
Diploma in Sales & Marketing
Diploma in Web Design
Diploma in E-commerce
Diploma in Business Computing
Certificate in Business Adminstration
Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
The Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (ICSA)
The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU)
The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS