With a variety of unique courses, Busitema University provides students with the rare opportunity of following a rewarding academic path that is specifically tailored to their interests and innate abilities. Besides, the university has made deliberate efforts to prioritize leadership development so as to prepare students to play leadership roles in society.

But that does not mean that the university is all about work without play for it is definitely alive to the fact that work without play can only turn its students into dull academicians. In that vein, therefore the university has sufficient space for extra curricular activity and largely encourages its students to be sharp and active beyond the bounds and confines of the lecture rooms.

Busitema University became the fifth public University to be established in Uganda, under Statutory Instrument No. 22, 2007 enacted by Parliament on 10th May 2007.

Given that it is the only public University in the Eastern region; it holds the huge burden of staying relevant to the development of the region to which it belongs. As a matter of fact, the University should be seen to be playing a pivotal role in the development of the region.

It comes as off as no surprise therefore that research efforts undertaken by the university are being directed towards relevant knowledge production, efficient knowledge dissemination and innovation for sustainable development. In order to ensure effective and efficient transfer of knowledge, partnerships and networks are being formed with local communities, private sector, local and central governments, as well as non- governmental organizations.

All efforts in that regard are aimed at getting to the ultimate end of turning Busitema University into a centre of academic and professional excellence in science, technology and innovation.

The University has set aside land for the development of a Science and Industrial Park which Uganda Investment Authority has listed among the 22 parks planned for the country. The park will focus on technology development and transfer; innovation and product development; and promotion and commercialization of knowledge. The park will host various companies relevant to the University mission and will be a location where government, universities and private sector collaborate.

The University is as well making conscious efforts to internationalize its image by establishing linkages between the university and other universities all over the world.

These linkages will enable us exchange staff and students, undertake collaborative research, develop joint curricula and make the University develop world class standards.

The history and origin of Busitema university stretches as far back as 1992 or even beyond when the Government recommended, in its white paper on Education (1992) the establishment of a public university in Eastern Uganda. The original purpose was to increase equitable access to University Education. In pursuance of that recommendation, a multi- campus university model, with the main campus at the former National College of Agricultural Mechanization, Busitema has been established by Act of parliament, and gazetted as a fully fledged public university.

Other campuses are located in different parts of Eastern Uganda at Arapai, Kaliro, Mbale (2 campuses), Nagongera, Pallisa and Namasagali. The University graduated her first cohort of students on October 2, 2010. Graduands received awards of Bachelor of Science Education and Diploma in Ginning Engineering.

Busitema University runs under the multi campus model with the main campus located at Busitema, formally the National College of Agricultural Mechanization, along Jinja- Tororo highway, 25kms South West of Tororo Municipality, while the Nagongera campus is located along Nagongera- Busolwe road, about 21kms from Tororo Municipality. Arapai campus is located along Moroto road, about 10kms from Soroti Town, and Namasagali campus is located along Namasagali road, about 27kms from Kamuli Town. Other campuses (yet to be operational) are located at Mbale (School of Hygiene and School of Clinical officers premises), (Kaliro NTC premises), and Pallisa.

Programmes at Busitema University

Bachelor of Agricultural Mechanization and Irrigation Engineering
Bachelor of Agricultural Mechanization and Irrigation Farming aims at training students in application of engineering principles to problems of production and research on machinery, structures, land development, soil and water management in connection with the agricultural production. The programme is a good milestone for modernization of agriculture and poverty eradication. It is designed to produce practical and competitive graduates for the public and private sectors.

The campus at Busitema has since 1971, mounted a Diploma programme in Agricultural mechanization and therefore has basic infrastructure needed to run the degree programme.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering programme is a unique one in the sense that it is designed to produce world- class engineers with the ability to address the unique computing needs of the local private and public sectors in Uganda. It will for example, address the lack of computer engineers in the ICT industry in Uganda and the East African region. There is a need for trained personnel who are able to assemble, fabricate and manufacture parts of computers.

Diploma in Ginning Engineering

The Diploma in Ginning Engineering will churn out middle level products who will be very relevant in the ginning industry. It is hoped that this programme will boost the production of quality cotton for local and international consumption. It is a precursor to the Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering programme which is already developed and planned to be mounted in due course.

This programme will help to reactivate interest in the cotton industry which is very vital for the development of Uganda.It will produce technicians who will be able to add value to cotton products for the local market and for export and thus improve on the competitiveness of Uganda’s cotton sector on the international market, produce ginning engineering graduates with diplomas, capable of meeting the challenges facing Uganda’s cotton industry.

The programme shall emphasize hands-on training in order to produce a skilled Ginning Engineering graduate with wide knowledge of basic sciences in Mechanical, Electrical, Agricultural and Civil Engineering.

Diploma in Agricultural Engineering

Diploma in Agricultural Engineering is one of the programmes which were being offered by the former college of Agricultural Mechanization Busitema. However, because of the uniqueness of the programme and in view of the fact that it is not offered elsewhere, the University reviewed it to the required standards.

It is hoped that the programme will produce middle level cadre of technical staff needed in the Agricultural Mechanization industry. The programme is linked to the Bachelor of Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering degree programme.

Faculty of Science and Education

The Bachelor of Science Education, the only programme under the faculty of science and education aims at producing competent, highly motivated and responsible teachers who are able to engage in the production of aptly skilled human resource that is able to meet the demands of national development.

The Faculty of Science and Education is located at the Nagongera campus and offers a Bachelor of Science Education, with Computer Studies, Physics, Mathematics, and Education as teaching subjects at Secondary school level.

The Faculty of Science and Education has six departments: Department of Physics, Department of Mathematics, Department of Computer studies, Department of Education, Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry.

Arapai Campus

Arapai is a specialized campus with a conducive reading environment offering practical oriented Agricultural Training at Degree, Diploma and Certificate levels.


Busitema university Arapai campus is located in Soroti District, Eastern Uganda 10km (6miles) from Soroti Town along Soroti – Moroto road. It sits on 675acres of land.


Training for transformation in agriculture for improved food security and house hold incomes.

Arapai campus houses the faculty of Agriculture and Animal Science. The faculty runs courses which lead to the award of the following;

Bachelor of Animal production and Management
Diploma in Animal production and Management
Diploma in Crop Production and Management
Certificate in Agricultural Sciences


Busitema University Namasagal campus was formerly a private university.

His Excellence the President of the Republic of Uganda directed that the former Namasagali University should be considered for a constituent college of Busitema university on 11th February 2008. The Namasagali Campus is now operational and offers a degree programme in Natural Resources Economics.Existing Partnerships

Busitema University has entered into partnership arrangements and signed Memoranda of Understanding with the following institutions: Communications University of China – August 20, 2006; Walter Sisulu University (South Africa) – February 8, 2007; University of Agriculture, Pyongyang (North Korea) – May 12, 2008; Makerere University (Uganda) – June 6, 2008; University of Hawai’i at Hilo (USA) – September 22, 2008; Josai University Corporation (Japan) – September 25, 2008.

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