Affiliate Area

Welcome to the Yaaka Digital Network referral (affiliate) program. When you refer someone to Yaaka Digital Learning Network and they purchase a paid membership, a course product or subscription, you’ll  receive a commission of upto 20%(10% on direct referrals and 10% on each referral by your sub-affiliates).  The more the people you refer the more the commission as you get well on your way to earn lots of money. All you need to start earning is Register for an affiliate account below or login, go to your affiliate page, get affiliate links or get creative (images to advertise products or subscriptions we offer) and share with your contacts on email, social media, on your website, and earn when they buy a product or subscription.



How you can make money (Yaaka DN)

You as an affiliate will make more money if and when you bring people to buy course products and subscriptions, and encourage the people you bring (sub-affiliates or donwlines) to also register others as affiliates so that they sell the course products and subscriptions –for all to continue earning residual income.

This is a realistic opportunity for anyone to earn lots of money as they sell course products and course subscription on Yaaka, the multi-award winning digital learning and training platform.

The system automatically generates all links to products in Yaaka and adds you affiliate username so that every time you share that link and someone uses it to buy, you get your commission.


So all you need is to keep sharing products links from your affiliate area in your whatsapp groups, facebook groups, pages, walls, emails (can even ad a creative as an image in your email signature), on your website (pick code from creative section), twitter, inbox or sms your contacts links from your affiliate account. You can search for particular products within your affiliate area e.g History East Africa or UNEB and it will bring you links to those particular products.

Get Downlines and earn residual income for life

We have built the Yaaka affiliate system in a 4 level width and 4 level depth matrix, with opportunity to have 3brances. This means that you can have upto four affiliates on the first level, and you can earn commissions upto the 4th level depth as follows: You get 4% of purchases brought in by all your 1st level affiliates, 3% of purchases brought by all your 2nd level affiliates, 2% of purchases brought by all your third level affiliates and 1% on all your 4th level affiliates.

If you fill up your width and depth, you can create upto three branches. All this you will see in your affiliate area.  All you have to do is to recruit affiliates, encourage them to sell Yaaka course products and subscriptions, as well as to also recruit other affiliates so you continue to grow your downlines, and earn real money endlessly.

Seize the opportunity

This is network marketing, but made better as we are enabling people to learn as they earn. For example a teacher can encourage students to sign up for a course and s/he earns upt to 20% commission. A learner can encourage his or her friends or contacts to purchase a course or become affiliates and earn upto 20% in commissions. Earning money has never been easier than on Yaaka.

Since it is a multilevel marketing system, It works best when you place new buyers under you and you encourage them to bring other buyers and encourage them to also become affiliates as they make sales. All our products including yaaka plus and tablet computers will be sold here online based on this system. Don’t watch others make money from a great product you participated in building.

It helps if you engage in targeted sales (pitch to individuals after the general group or page posts) asking them to buy a particular product while explaining what is good about the particular course product. Ask when you can follow up a prospect until you make sure they buy. Encourage them to buy more (now or in future) by sharing all possible links of products they may be interested in (with your affiliate name) so you don’t lose income when they purchase in future now that they are already members of the site. Even other members can take over your lead if you don’t keep in touch or explore their best possible buys (things they can buy). You might want to search youtube for courses on how to market online and on facebook in particular as an affiliate.

Please see the affiliate terms

Remember additionally that:

  1. Affiliate earnings depend on the successful purchase of a course product or subscription amount
  2. For you to become a valid affiliate to receive commissions at Yaaka, you must purchase at least one product of any amount
  3. At yaaka we are selling academic course notes, quizzes (exams), live classes and course subscriptions. Get familiar with the courses at so you can sell/pitch particular courses to an individual who is most likely to be interested in that course. You can refer as many people to purchase and encourage them to ask others to purchase.
  4. Please always use links of particular course products/subscription from within your affiliate links under your affiliate area in order for us to track that you are the one who brought in a particular purchase. Search and share the links from your affiliate area to as many prospects.
  5. You keep earning money and can track your earnings any time within you affiliate area. You can ask affiliates[@] in case you have issues or want clarifications
  6. We shall make payouts every end of month to a mobile phone (registered on mobile money), Paypal email or Bank account number of your choice, so long as your earnings are $30 and above in that month.
  7. We have automated country based currency system (you see amounts in your specific currency). NOTE that Your earnings might have a US dollar sign ($) but the amount you see as earned in commissions is in your local currency not in USD. Yaaka DN reserves the right and prerogative to have the final say on these currency related matters and you will always accept our position.
  8. All earnings will attract 6% withholding tax charges
  9. You can indicate in the box on registration on about a phone number or email of next of kin who we can pay your commissions should you become unable to access your earnings.
  10. You will get coupons at the discretion of Yaaka DN to help you in marketing and giving offers to users you want to buy or prospects you are encouraging to join affiliate program.
  11. When you join affiliate program, the Yaaka system automatically creates for you a group. You can use that group to invite users and keep engaging them in discussions on how to increase your earnings and best way to market and sell products and subscriptions on Yaaka.
  12. You can check the members registered on Yaaka under so you can encourage and engage registered members on purchases they could make on whether they can become an affiliate under you (become your downline).
  13. We are looking forward to achieving success together. Earn and learn.